Prize Bond Draw Lists Result

Prize Bond Pakistan

A prize bond is considered as a non-interest security and a type of gold investment. There are some people who have no idea where to buy or gain the prize bond. For the issuance of the prize bonds, there are some specifically developed companies in every country. These particular companies issued the prize bonds to the person who demands it, under the authority of the Ministry of Finance of the country. Like other countries, In Pakistan, the prize bonds are also issued to people on the behalf of the Finance Ministry. Back in 1960, the concept of prize bond scheme was acquired for the very first time in Pakistan. And since its perception, the scheme is still working. On the other hand, the investments of the people via prize bonds are increasing day by day. Because they know that there is no other way of becoming rich overnight except it.

It is absolutely a type of lottery bond and a bearer security investment. As we all know that the financial system of Pakistan is not very strong since its foundation. So people don’t know how to make money. This is the best way for the people of Pakistan to earn worth money by winning the prize bond draw. By this, you can fulfill your dreams and able to make your bank balance strong. In case, you are not among the winners than don’t worry that you waste your investment because the money of the bond is refundable whenever you demand it. Feel free and relax to buy those bonds and try your luck. Prize bond lucky draw is held at Pakistan after every three months. It means you try your luck for bonds in Pakistan four times in a year. Big opportunity for those who have the dream to be a millionaire in a night.

Prize Bond List 2021

The circulation of the prize bond is managed in a particular series that contains 999999 bonds (around one million bonds in a series). The face value of these bonds is different ranging from 100 Rs, 200 Rs, 750 Rs, 1500 Rs, 7500 Rs, 15000 Rs, 25000 Rs, and 40,000 Rs. The people buy these bonds on their own terms. After buying these bonds, people start waiting for prize bond lucky draw. The lucky draw is held as a normal draw is organized and it announces the prize bond result of the luckiest people who won the prize bond. The authorities announce the prize bond draw list for a whole year at a time. This list contains the dates, days and venues regarding the draw. You can find the prize bond schedule from our website

From our website, you are also able to find prize bond result of different price bonds. We are providing you the best, easy and reliable way of finding online prize bond information as well as their results. As mentioned above that the prize bonds carry different worth so the winning money values are also different from each other. The more you buy the bond, the more money you get in return. We wish best of luck to the bond owners for the next prize bond draw. To get information when the draw will be held visit our website.

Prize Bond Scheme

Some people stuck in a question that who can buy the prize bond or who can be a part of the investment made through these bonds. And many of them are wondering about it as it is legal or not or under which committee it will take place. Don’t feel stress about that because we are here to facilitate you all about these bonds. Firstly, it can be purchase-able for all the people in Pakistan. Prize bond scheme is introduced for the general public. It is totally legal not a fraud and is held under the supervision of the Central Directorate of National Savings draw.

National Saving prize bonds give a freedom to the people of Pakistan to become millionaire in a night. The prize bond list of every draw is available here for the convenience of the people. You can also find lucky draw schedule of prize bond from this page. The list and schedule describes the prize bond scheme like when and where the draw will be held for all bonds of different worth. It is affordable for all people. Because the investment starts from 100 Rs and ended up with 40,000 Rs. On the other hand, it is all about the luck. If you win then you will be competent to fulfill your dreams and if you are not then there is a money cashback facility is also offered by the authorities. Claim for it and you will receive your money back.

Prize Bond Rs 100

Prize bonds introduce you to a new and easy way of becoming rich overnight in Pakistan. The only thing you have to do is just try your luck. As the bonds in Pakistan are of different worth. These bonds’ prices start from 100 Rs. It means that one can invest from a very minor amount. We are providing the owners of the bonds a Pakistan prize bond guess paper. From this paper, you are able to get an idea about which series of prize bond numbers have endured in the past few years. 100 rupee Prize bond draw result is going to be held soon. Check the prize bond draw list and schedule 2021 from this page.

Prize Bond Rs 200

Rs 200 Prize bond provides a platform where the general public can invest and earn profit by winning the money prices to fulfill their dreams. We are granting you the prize bond paper. Prize bond guesses paper new facilitates the people all the latest and upcoming news about the series of bond numbers. The lucky draw of Rs 200 will be organized. To get the information when and where this bond will be held, keep visiting this website. All prize bond results will also be available here.

Prize Bond Rs 750

If you are the owner of the prize bond whose face value is 750 and now you are looking for the result of this draw and didn’t find anything reliable. We are here to support you to check online prize bond results. Inami bond of Rs 750 will be managed soon by the authorities. And the prize bond draw result will also available online here. Stay in touch with for the upcoming draw schedule and results.

Prize Bond Rs 1500

As we all know a prize bond is considered a gold investment. And its denominations are different. This scheme is defined in such a way that everyone, who want to try their luck, easily purchase one of these bonds. The winning price varies according to the buying bonds. It means that if you are an owner of the Rs 1500 prize bond then the winning money is also high. NPB draw of Rs 1500 is going to be organized soon. If you are not familiar with the date and venue of the lucky draw.

Prize Bond Rs 7500

Rs. 7500 amount prize bond stands in the basic category. Purchasing a bond of Rs 7500 from the State Bank of Pakistan shows that you want to make more money. The draw of this bond will be held according to a defined schedule. You can easily view the next prize bond draw result from our website. On the other hand, the winning price for the first position holder is 15,000,000. If you win the lucky draw claim your money.

Prize Bond Rs 15000

Rs 15000 prize bond check online from this page. Pakistan places its position among those countries whose economy is not so high but it is hoping that the economy will prosper in the near future. That is the main factor that most people looking for profitable opportunities in Pakistan. Foreign and local investments are increasing in Pakistan as time passes. The investment via prize bond Rs 15000 becomes an emerging trend in the last few years. The people want to earn huge money by winning the lucky draw. Prize bond draw list result is available for you to check the schedule of this prize bond.

Prize Bond Rs 25000

The Rs 2500 prize bond, it is a safe option for the investment. Because it doesn’t contain any kind of risk (losing money or fraud). The main benefit of this investment is that it is held under the supervision of the Pakistan Government. The winning prize of the 1st position holder is 50,000,000. The details of all about prize bond are available here.

Prize Bond Rs 40000

Prize bond having face value of 40000 is one of the highest prices in the lucky draw held in Pakistan. The winning amount of this is also very huge and reliable. Mostly, the upper-class people are capable to buy this bond. The draw for this bond will be held soon according to the defined schedule. All prize bond draw results and schedules are updated here on a daily basis. As all of you know that the category of prize bonds 40000 are of two types basic and premium. 40000 Rs prize bond makes its position in the premium category. The winning price increase every year.  Last year, the winning price of this bond 75,000,000. This year the price will increase.