200 Prize Bond List 2021, Draw Result, Draw Dates, Online Check

Check Online Prize Bond Rs 200 Result 2021

A prize bond is considered a lottery bond. Many say that there is no short cut to becoming rich and successful overnight. But it is possible from one way that is a prize bond. To be a part of a prize bond scheme is a legal method to invest wisely and get a chance ato win the lucky draw. If you have the prize bond of Rs 200 and looking for the prize bond draw result then you are on the right page. From this page, you are able to check online prize bond results. If you have the prize bond rather than Rs 200 then you can check the prize bond draw result schedule from here. You are suggested to keep connected with us to get all the latest and upcoming news about draw result by date as well as lucky draw result 2021.

List of Rs 200 Prize Bond Winners

Prize bond lucky draw is held quarterly. Initially when it started a total of 32 lucky draws are held throughout a year. But at this time a total of 36 draws will be held in the entire year. On the day of the Rs 200 draw, the prize bond winner lists will be uploaded here on this page. The winners of the prize bond draw are categorized into three types of positions i.e., 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The first position holder of Rs 200 lucky draw will enjoy a handsome price of Rs 750000. While second position holder will be awarded 250000 and the third position holder will enjoy a price of 1250. To get to know the lucky draw winners, stay in touch with us. You are also able to check the prize bond draw details from this page.

Rs 200 Prize Bond Result List 2021

Prize bond list defines all details about the prize bonds of different denominations. If you have the prize bond of Rs 200 then you should also have an idea of prize bond qurandazi list. At the start of the year, the prize bond list schedule is defined by the authority for the general public to easily get the details about the prize bond draw lists. You can get the prize bond yearly list from prizebondlists.pk. Along with all this, you are also capable of accessing the list of saving prize bonds of any year.

National Saving Prize Bond Rs 200

National Saving Prize bond ensures and keeps all the responsibilities of the prize bonds. The responsibilities include the sale and purchase of the bonds in Pakistan as well as the prize bond schedule along with the draw results. It means that all the procedure of the prize bond is managed under the supervision of Government National Saving prize bond. And none other than National Savings Center has the authority for the issuance of the bond in the country. Moreover, the National prize bond gives an opportunity to millions of people in Pakistan to make a healthy bank balance and fulfill their dreams in a very short time period. So go and buy the prize bond of any denomination and try your luck. Prize bond of Rs 200 is the second cheapest price offered by the authorities to the general public and it can afford to everyone.

Prize Bond Schedule Rs 200

Prize bond draw schedule 2021 of different denominations are available on our website. If you are the owner of the prize bond then you can easily check the schedule of prize bond from here. Because the prize bond scheme and schedule describe the venues, dates and days for the commencement of the prize bond lucky draw. The bond owners should be familiar with the inami bond schedule. The schedule of coming draws of Rs 200 is defined here for your facility. The 1st draw of Rs 200 will be held on 16 March 2021. While the 2nd lucky draw will be organized on 15 June 2021. Where 3rd and 4th will be conducted on 15 September 2021 and 15 December 2021 respectively. The venues of these draws are defined in the National Saving Bond schedule. If you have the other denominations of prize bonds then you can check the schedule of those prize bonds from prizebondlists.pk.

Rs 200 Prize Bond Lucky Draw

The prize bond lucky draws that are held in Pakistan are of two types one is basic and the second one is premium. Pakistan premium national saving prize bond is the commanding body governed by the State Bank of Pakistan that has the authority for the commencement of the lucky draws. There are different types of National saving prize bonds that the prize bond owners have. It is informed to you that a prize bond holder has four chances in a year of trying their luck. By trying your luck via NPB draw. The lucky draw is managed with the purpose to announce the winners of the draw. You can check the winners of prize bond from this page easily with facing any problem.

Prize Bond Scheme in Pakistan

All marked and designated banks by the government have the authority to offer the general public to make an investment through prize bonds. It is not assured that you win the draw because it totally depends on your luck. If you win the draw then you are awarded a handsome prize that is given to the lucky winners in the form of money. We wish best of luck to the prize bond holders of different denominations. Initially, when the idea of prize bond came into subcontinent the face values of the prize bond were very low. The lowest value was 10 and the highest value was 100 Rs. After partition, in 1960 the concept of prize bond had gradually emerged in Pakistan. And in the start, the denominations of the prize bonds were 5, 11, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 and 25000. Currently, the bonds in Pakistan change and in circulation in 9 different denominations that starts from 100 and ends up with 40,000 premium.

Rs 200 Prize Bond Guess Paper

Prizebondlists.pk provides you all the information and facilities related to the prize bond and lucky draw results. In Pakistan prize bonds are issued in a proper and limited series. The circulation of the prize bond series is described in prize bond guess paper and end up every 999,999 bonds (around one million numbers). Moreover, Pakistan prize bond guesses paper maintains the series of prize bonds in a very effective and appropriate manner. It works in a way that if your number is not matched with the bond numbers of the winners then you will be able to check it in the next bonds draw. If you are not familiar with these papers then you can get the prize bond draw guess paper from our website. Keep visiting our website for all the latest and upcoming information regarding the prize bond and prize bond draw results.

Prize bond is a typical type investment where one can try its luck by purchasing the bond of different face value. By trying your luck, if you will be the winner then you will fulfill your dreams and will enjoy a reliable life. If you are not among the winners then you have the power to cashback your prize bond money from the marked banks.  It’s not a fraud because it manages under the National Saving prize bonds.

Prize bond of Rs 200 is considered as the second cheap investment in the prize bond scheme. Like all other lucky draws of different worths, the lucky draw of this prize bond was also held according to the defined schedule. The draw number of this bond is 81 and was organized recently on March 16 2021 in Muzaffarabad. As winning prices of different denominations are different so the winning money for the 1st position holder of the lucky draw of 200 Rs is 7,50,000, 2nd position holder won the price of 2,50,000 and the 3rd number position holder enjoy the price of 1250. The prize bond draw list is available here. Check the result online from this page easily without facing any problem. If you are not familiar or you have no idea about the schedule of the lucky draw. Then you can get the information from the prize bond schedule.

The prize bond draw list 2021 is given below. If you have the bond of Rs 200 and didn’t view the result yet. You are suggested to check the result from here. The only thing you want to do is just match the number of your prize bond with the numbers of the winning prize bond numbers. Or just enter your bond number in the given portal. If your bond number is matched with the winning bond number, then next step you want to take is to claim for your money by following the procedure of it. You are able to get the further procedure from our website. You are also able to get the prize bond schedule in Pakistan.

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