25000 Prize Bond List 2021, Draw Result, Draw Dates, Online Check

Check Online Rs 25000 Prize bond result 2021

After the commencement of the prize bond lucky draw, there are various methods that the prize bond holders adopt to get the result. The one way that they could select is to go to the city and attend the draw where it is going to be held. But it consumes a lot of time because the draws are held in different cities every time. They also go to the field offices of SBP or CDNs. We are providing you a platform to check online prize bond results. From this page, you are able to get a lucky draw result 2021 of Rs 25000 easily.

List of Rs 25000 Prize Bond Winners

As we all know a prize bond is a kind of investment for the general public and every year thousands of people invest through it. The reason behind their investment is that they want to make their bank balance healthy and want to fulfill their dreams. The draw is held with a purpose to announce the winners of the prize bond. The prize bond winners are awarded with a handsome amount from which they are able to fulfill their dreams. The 1st winner of the prize bond Rs 25000 will be awarded with Rs 50000000 while the 2nd will be awarded with Rs 15000000 and the 3rd one will be awarded with 312000. 2021 winners of the prize bondRs 25000 will be available here soon.

Rs 25000 Prize Bond Result List 2021

The prize bond all list 2021 is available for your facility on this page. The prize bond draw is held quarterly. It means that the lucky draw one denomination is managed 4 times in a year. The same procedure is followed by a 25000 Rs prize bond. Moreover, the draws are held in different cities. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th draw of Rs 25000 will be managed in Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Peshawar respectively. For the sake of getting all other details regarding the prize bond, you are advised to check the prize bond list. You are also able to check the prize bond yearly list from prizebondlists.pk.

National Saving Prize Bond

National Saving bond performs its duty since 1960. Government National saving prize bond plays a vital role in all managements of the prize bond. The national saving center is responsible for the sale and purchase of the prize bond. When the draw is held the winners can claim for money by submitting a special kind of claim form. While those who are not able to win the draw they can encash their money back through National saving bonds.

Rs 25000 Prize Bond Schedule 2021

As we all know that the draw of prize bond Rs 25000 is organized four times in a year. So the dates, days, draw numbers and venues of these draws are also different. The 1st draw of Rs 25000 will be held on 3 February 2021 while the 2nd will be conducted on 4 May 2021. Whereas the 3rd lucky draw will be organized on 3 August 2021 and the last one will be conducted on 2 November 2021. It is important for the person to have proper information about the prize bond schedule and scheme who have the prize bond of different denominations. Because according to inami bond schedule the commencement of prize bond draws is performed. You can get the National saving bonds schedule along with the draw result schedule from prizebondlists.pk.

Rs 25000 Prize Bond Lucky Draw

When people buy the prize bonds the only thing they start doing is to search for the prize draws. It is informed that the draw has a number according to which each draw is managed. It is organized by the NPB draw. The draw numbers of Rs 25000 prize is available here. The draw numbers of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th are 32, 33, 34 and 35 respectively. If you are keeping the prize bond of different worth except 25000 than you are also capable of checking the draw number along with the prize bond draw list from here easily.

Prize Bond Scheme in Pakistan

Prize bond is considered as a type of investment where the low earners also invest from a very low price. The process of investing through prize bonds in Pakistan is following by the general public since 1960. The State Bank of Pakistan or Central Directorate of National savings or National saving centers issues the prize bonds on behalf of the Finance Ministry Pakistan. The prize bond Pakistan is managed by the CDNs every year. It defines all the steps of the draw results and the commencement of the draws in the form of a special scheme or schedule. You can check the prize bond schedule in Pakistan from here.

Rs 25000 Prize Bond Guess Paper

The prize bond guess paper summarizes the big data of the prize bond into a very small portion. It also designed the graphical representation of all modules of the prize bonds that is understandable by the common person. Moreover, the guess paper also defines the bond number series in a very appropriate manner. If you have no knowledge or information of the prize bond then you can get it from here. The new prize bond guess paper is available on our website for your facility. There are thousands of people that prefer prizebondlists.pk to check the draw results, scheme and schedule of prize bond.


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