12th Prize Bond Draw Rs.40000 Premium Result 2020

Prize Bond Result 40,000 Premium

Every lucky draw of prize bond is held in different cities of Pakistan under the supervision of the Central Directorate of National Saving. So at this time, the 12th draw for prize bond Rs. 40000 premium is held on 10 March 2020 on Tuesday. The winner of the prize bond is categorized into three types. To whom these names are given 1st position holder, 2nd position holder, and 3rd position holder. The winner of the prize bond of a lucky draw of different worth’s that are Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000 and Rs. 40000 awarded with the different winning prizes.

12th Prize Bond Draw Result 2020

We are here to announce your 12th prize bond draw result held in Multan today. The first position holder of this 12th draw for prize bond RS 40000 premium will enjoy the price of 80 million while the number of the second position holders are three and they will get the price of 30 million. Similarly, the people who are at number three are 660 and they will receive the price of 500,000/. Check the schedule of Rs. 40000 Prize bond from prizebondlists.pk.

How To Search Winning Number Of 40000 Premium Prize Bond

Every year National saving prize bond makes many people millionaire through its prize bond scheme. Most of the prize bond owners don’t know how to search winning numbers online. So what should they do now? Don’t feel stress because we are providing you all the winning numbers of the prize bonds. You just want to match your prize bond number with this prize bond list number. If your number matches this number. Claim for the winning price. You want to fill a specific type of claim form and submit this form to the State Bank of Pakistan. And soon, you will collect your money from them. And if you are not the winner you are capable of claiming cashback your money.

This lucky draw is held of those prize bonds whose cost is 40,000. Other prize bonds draw will be held according to their given and defined schedule. If you hold a prize bond whose value is not 40,000 and get worried about that where to find the schedule like date, day and city of the draw being held. You are no longer worried about that because the schedule of coming draws is also available. Feel free to get all the details about the prize bond lucky draw and winner lists from this page.

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