What is the next prize bond draw and when will it be held

The prize bond schedule 2020 has announced by the authorities at the start of the year. The lucky draw of prize bonds is held quarterly by National Saving Pakistan. The schedule is defined in a way that that the draws are held in different venues of Pakistan on different times and dates.

What is the date and venue of the next prize bond draw 2020?

Recently, the draw of prize bond Rs. 15000 was held in Faisalabad on 1st April 2020. Now the authority is going to organize the next prize bond draw list result for the general public. If you have no idea about when the prize bond draw will be held and what is the price of this bond? No need to worry about that because we are here with all the information regarding the prize bond.  The next prize bond draw will be held on 15 April 2020. Whereas the venue decided for this draw is Hyderabad and the worth of the bond is 750 Rs. To get to know about the overall prize bond scheme, visit our website for your facility. The draw result of Rs. 750 will also available on our website after the announcement of the result. And if you missed the draw result of the previous prize bond then you are also capable of approaching it from our website.

How to check the prize bond draw result?

There are different ways for the people to check the result of the prize bond draw result. The one way that some people adopt that they can visit the office of National Savings in the city where the draw is held. Before this, you have to know about the draw schedule very well. Because according to this you have to visit the office. The other way that people go with is checking it online from the official website of the National saving prize bond. The result will also be available on our website prizebondlists.pk.

It is a very simple, easy and reliable way to get your draw result online from here. The prize bond winning numbers will available here along with the prize bond winners’ list. You have to match your prize bond number with these winning numbers. If your number is matched then claim for your winning price. The procedure of claiming your prize is very simple. Visit the official website and get all the details from there.

Prize Bond Schedule and Scheme 2020

Prize bond is a type of investment for the general public of Pakistan to fulfill their dreams of becoming rich overnight. So, many people buy the prize bond of different worth for this purpose. After purchasing the prize bonds the people start looking for the draw dates, times and venues. It is to inform you that prize bond draw is held under the supervision of the National Savings. The draw is held twice in a month and a total of 36 draws are held annually. The detail information regarding the prize bond draws schedule 2020 is available on our website. Keep visiting our website for more details.

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